Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fourth Grade

Resurrection Buns

A sweet treat to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!  


Take a Grand (or other large ) canned biscuit. Flatten the biscuit out until it's about 5 inches across. Spread melted butter, sugar and cinnamon on it. The spices represent the spices used to anoint Jesus' body before His burial.

Take one large marshmallow. The marshmallow represents Jesus. It is white because it stands for His purity and His sinless life. Place the marshmallow in the center of the biscuit, then fold the sides around it forming a "tomb".

The Meaning of Easter
Read the original Easter story of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.

Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus
Pinch the sides of their tombs closed and then  place them crease side down on a baking sheet so they will not open while cooking. Put more butter, cinnamon and sugar on the outside. Discuss the sweet taste of the spices and how Jesus gave us the sweetest gift we will ever receive.

Now bake the buns following the directions on the biscuit package. Then they need a little cooling time because the marshmallow will be very hot.

As you bite into the cooled bun what do you find in the center? Is  the marshmallow there? Compare this to the empty tomb.  Share you thoughts with me when you return to school after Spring Break. 

Happy Easter,
Mrs. Whipple

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5th Grade - Directions for Animation



Sixth Grade

Period 4

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