Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dance Mat Typing

Second Grade

Our second graders have started the Dance Mat Typing program. At the end of first grade they were introduced to this program in the computer lab. I have been so pleased with how quickly they have worked through Level 1. For additional practice students may click on the Dance Mat Typing link (to the right under second grade).

Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade

Your student is repeating Dance Mat Typing at their own pace in computer class. If your student is new to Northside this year I strongly suggest using this site at home. They may click on the Dance Mat Typing link (to your right) for additional practice. After they complete all levels (in class) they will move on to other typing activities.

Throughout the year students will be given the opportunity to take a typing speed test which will measure their speed along with accuracy. This is always helpful and encourages the extra practice.