Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Box Tops - Week of March 16 - 20

THE NEW STANDINGS ARE (There have been some changes in the top 5)

1ST Place – Mrs. Martell
2nd Place – Miss Kincaid
3rd Place – Mrs. Fleming
4th Place – Mrs. Webster
5th Place – Mrs. Cooke

So far we have submitted over $800.00 (that is over 8,000 Box Tops) in box tops and are well on our way to $1,000.00 for our school! Don’t give up – keep collecting – every box top and soup label makes a difference! Just a reminder the contest has been extended to April 10th.

Don't forget to fill your collection sheet and return it to school after Spring Break to receive a lollipop. Collection sheet must be completely filled to receive a lollipop.