Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Elementary Box Tops contest is officially over. Each and every one of you should be proud of your part in raising money for our school. To date, the Elementary school has raised a little over $1,200. Every class contributed and even though there can only be one first place winner, I want you all to know we would not have made this much for our school without everyone’s participation. You are all awesome!

The winner is Mrs. Martell’s Kindergarten Class. Her class will receive a pizza party with an hour in the moonwalk.

Mrs. Neri was so pleased that all classes participated, she’s arranged for EVERY homeroom class to enjoy the jumper for 20 minutes. Thank you Mrs. Neri that was an awesome surprise.

As soon as a date is set for Mrs. Martell’s party we will set up times for each class to have their fun in the Jumper!

Teachers, thank you again for your support. Keep collecting those Box Tops and Labels for Education. There may be another contest or giveaway before the school year ends.