Thursday, September 6, 2012

6th Grade - Word Processing Assignment

Please make sure you can locate and explain each of the following menus for word processing. We will have a review quiz next Thursday, September 13.

File - allows you to create, open and save new files. You can also set-up, preview and print documents.

View - will allow you to select toolbars and icons for your use. This menu may look different on each word processing program.

Insert - allows you to add various items such as pictures and other files.

Format - gives you the option to change items such as fonts, bullets, paragraphs and tabs.

Help - offers tools to help you with the word processing program.

Please make sure you know the following definitions:

Word Processing - using a computer program to create, edit and print documents. Word processing is the most common computer application.

Icon - represents an object or a program on your computer. Example: The trash can on your desktop is an icon.