Monday, April 21, 2014


On I learned that Missouri is called the ʻShow Me State.ʼ The ʻShow Me Stateʼ expression may have began in 1899 when Congressman Willard Duncan Vaniver stated ʻʼ Iʼm from Missouri and youʼve got to show me.” On    I also read that the abbreviation for Missouri is MO. I also saw that the state song is the Missouri Waltz.
#    On I found out on June 21, 2007 the three-toed box turtle became the state reptile. Most Missourians are familiar with this land-dwelling turtle.Three-toed box turtles, as their name implies, typically have three hind toes. The paddle fish was named the state aquatic animal on May 23, 1997. The paddle fish usually grows to be over 5 feet long and weighs more than 60 pounds.They can live over 30 years.
On Missouri was the 24th state in the United States and became a state on August 10th,1891. The largest city in the state is St.Louis. On today, Missouri has a population of 5,988,927(July 2010 estimated) and its two largest metropolitan areas are St. Louis and Kansas City. The 2010 population density of the state was 87.1 people per square mile (33.62 per square lilo meter).