Monday, April 21, 2014


Vermont is a state in the New England region of the Northern United States. The second fact is that Vermontʼs official state flag was adopted in 1923. The third fact is that    Vermont was the 14th state in the US and it became a state on March1491. The fourth fact is that the Vermont region was explored and claimed for France by Samuel De Chaplain    in 1609 and the first French    settlement was established at Fort Steward.The fifth fact is that the first English settlers moved into the area in 1724 and built Fort Drummer on the site of present day Brattleboro. The sixth fact is is that in 1777 Vermont adopted its first constitution abolishing slavery and providing universal male suffrage without qualifications.The seventh fact is that the Green Mountain Boys, led by Ethan Allan won fame by capturing Fort Ticonderoga from the British on May 10, 1775. Eighth fact is that Vermont leads the nation in the production of monument granite, marble and maple products.The ninth fact is Vermont is also a leader in the production of talc.The tenth fact is that tourism is a major industry in Vermont.